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Sash window restoration


Why restore your windows


Due to their age, and damage from wind and rain, sash windows can start to crumble and break. Instead of having your traditional sash window replaced, expert joiners can restore the window to its original state without damaging the building or compromising on planning permission issues.


Often new home owners see a sash window as a potential problem, but properly restored and cared for, they can become hassle free features for your home.


When to restore


Timber rot can cause the box around the sashes to warp and the paint to peel. If this starts to happen to your window, it’s best to have it checked as soon as possible to prevent further damage and the potential need for a replacement.


If the paint is flaking or the box appears to be weakening, a quick survey of the window will allow a joiner to assess whether the window needs a fresh coat of paint, or if the damage is deeper and needs restoration.


How to restore


Whether it’s re-creating the architectural features of the box and sashes, removing timber rot or other defects, your sash windows can be made safe and attractive again.


Restoration means bringing the sash window back to its original state; it’s about attention to detail and a real care for the art, subtlety and historical value of traditional sash windows.


It will take about a day to restore two sash windows. Keep in mind it could take longer if there are more extensive problems to fix.


What to Expect


A joiner will assess your window and once any underlying structural weaknesses, reshaping or replacing of timber parts have been done, your window will be fully serviced.


The windows will be dismantled, eased, adjusted, re-aligned, re-corded and re-assembled; they will have a brush pile draught sealing system installed. Not only will this improve their smooth movement, it will also guard against rattling and draughts.


Being able to slide both sashes up and down the frame will allow greater ventilation in warm weather; with both top and bottom sashes open, the warm air rises out through the top sash opening and is replaced by cooler air through the bottom sash opening.

Full movement also makes it easier for painting and maintenance.


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